coming soon.

i’m very excited to share the ideas and create content revolving around fashion. i will be styling & creating outfits and selling them right on this website.

i have always loved fashion, even from a young age, when i used to beg my mom to buy me a drawing pad so i could draw outfits and staying up late to watch what celebrities were wearing on the red carpet for a big event . fashion has always been a part of my life and expressing who i am. hopefully i will get to help you with expressing yourself through fashion also.

i will also be styling clothes for all different body types as I have never thought it was fair when companies, small and large, created clothes and styled for people as one body type, i want to be able to hopefully give everyone the option of buying clothing and accessories from my site.

from a clothing style, i will be doing everything different in a sense that even with my style i just don’t have a certain way of dressing - sometimes i am girly, sometimes i’m a tomboy sometimes i want to be comfortable; overall it’s just going to be different and not everything will be the same from week to week.

always remember, you can either buy the clothing as a outfit or you can buy the pieces separate, you also can buy thrifted clothing that was repurposed, it will not only help the environment but you can find cute clothes from even a decade ago. through you will be able to see my creative side with fashion & how i express myself through this platform. i can’t wait to share the different pieces and outfits i have, coming soon. -gabriella ilebode